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Year 6’s trip to the Living Rainforest

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On the 28th of September six went on a trip to the Living Rainforst near Newbury. Inside it was very humid  and their were many interesting bugs, plants and animals. On the way to the Living Rainforest I sat next to my freind and it took around 55 minutes to get there. When we arrived we sat in the the trip room so we could have a drink and sort out what groups we were in.

Next, we had a quick look around before we went to have a snack in the trip room. After that we got given a tour of the green houses and we saw turtles, a bird called Luigi, a waterdragon, ducks and a sloth having a sleep on an enclosure. We also saw picture plants and dumbweed which has toxic sap. Then it was time for lunch in the picnic area before reterning to the greenhouses to have another look.

Then it was time to leave and on the way back I sat in the middle but it took slightly longer than on the way there.

My visit to the Living Rainforest!!!

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Year 6 went to the Living Rainforest. We went on an hours coach to get there.

When we arrived I was longing to see the sloth and armadillo. It took forever to spot the sloth but after 2 laps of the Forest we saw her by the cage of some birds. Although our group (plus some others) only saw her arm, I was proud to say to everybody that I had seen a sloth called cinamon.

Our group really wanted to see the armadillo (called harry) but unfortunately we never saw him.

By Meryl

My school trip to the living rainforest!

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At the living rainforest,we had a tour around the green house.

The first thing my group saw was the cute marmosets with the agoutis that were next to the different types of bird. On the way round we saw lots of food trees such as the coffee tree, the cocoa tree and the cinnamon tree. There was also a tree that tasted like pineapple and banana put together.

By Saffron

The Living Rainforest

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Two days ago the whole of Year 6 went to The Living Rainforest for a really fun school trip!

We went in a coach on an hour and a half journey and then we arrived. We went for a little look round before our official tour and saw some stingrays, turtles and bugs but we didn’t know anything about the animals until our tour. We split into groups and then two small groups joined up and we had a tour guide. He told us that agoutis plant all the Brazil nut trees by burying the nuts into the ground and forgetting about them and then trees begin to grow. We saw monkeys, toucans, armadillos, turtles, tortoises, the assassin bug, scorpions, huge catfish that our tour guide said came from the same family as pirahna fish and the salmon pink bird-eating spider (it was really scary!).

After the tour we went to have our lunch. Our lovely teachers allowed us to play on the play trail for a while, which was really, really fun! Then we took some worksheets back into the rain-forest to fill out about what was inside and then it was time to go home. Our trip was really fun, but it was so hot we all felt very relieved when we got to breath in fresh air. Everyone enjoyed themselves very much and were very sad to have to wave goodbye!


The Living Rainforest

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When we got to the living rainforest, we had a tour of the glass house. We learnt lots and some of us were even lucky enough to spot the sloth. We also saw cute marmosets, insects, birds, fish, turtles, tortosises and lots of wet plants. After a quick lunch and play at the park, we went around in our groups trying to find out lots of facts for when we do topic later in the year. Then we went on the coach to drive back to school.

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