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Roarsome Rainforest

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On Wednesday 12th of October we went to the Living Rainforest in Newbury. It was amazing. We saw loads of animals and plants that I had never seen before. I was really interested to see how long the animals live for. My favourite animal was the sloth called Cinnamon although she was hidden and you had to look really hard to spot her. You couldn’t see her face. It was pretty cool to see what she does in the day. My favourite plant was the cocoa tree because the information board under it said that chocolate can be healthy for you but it is only healthy if you eat a little bit. I think I can say this for the whole of Year 6: the Living Rainforest was amazing and we are very thankful for going on this trip.

My Trip To The Living Rainforest

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On the 12/10/17, me and the rest of Year 6 went to the Living Rainforest. I liked some of the animals there such as the (non-poisonous) Poisonous Tree Frogs and the Snakes. I learnt facts about how plants in the rainforest do different things to keep the rain off themselves. It was really warm and humid and I stated to get really warm. I bought a camera with me so I took some good and funny pictures of animals. Whilst in the rain forest, we had to look for a sloth who was hiding somewhere. My group found it high above the Bird Eating Spider hanging upside-down. I had a fun day at The Living Rainforest but it was quite a long and warm trip!

The Living Rainforest

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On the 12th of October, Year 6 and I went on a class trip to the Living Rainforest, near Newbury. On the way there, it took about one hour. At the beginning we entered the living rainforest and the first thing we saw was hissing cockroaches. Along from that were two non-poisonous poison dart frogs. The reason they are non poisonous is because they are kept in a cage that contains no poisonous plants. Next we saw a six band armadillo, a type of armadillo that can not curl up into a ball, in the back corner digging. Over all, we had a good time.


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Yesterday, on Thursday the 12th October, Year 6 went to the Living Rainforest which was amazing. The journey was to Newbury and it took an hour and 10 minutes. When we got there, we went to the base, which was a big hall, next to the rainforest part. When we went into the rainforest we didn’t know where to go. There were so many animals: there was one sloth lounging about and a few iguanas lounging about too! We saw reptiles, water animals and birds – loads of different types. My favourite animal was the lizards. There was one bird which was so funny.  It was black and white with curly feathers on his head – he looked mad! We also went on a tour in groups with a lady who told us about all the different leaves and animals. It was so interesting! We all had an amazing time!

by Grace.B

The Living Rainforest

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Today we went to the Rainforest. We saw a sloth, monkeys and a lot of other animals. There were a lot of different trees and plants. It is very hot, humid and wet. We got a tour around the place so that we had a good understanding of what a rainforest is like. We even saw a tarantula! We had an amazing time!

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